What is your company doing this holiday season to volunteer their time?

What is your company doing this holiday season to involve your employees in community service? What projects support your company mission and vision statements, as well as your over-all strategic organizational goals? How does service affect employee performance and perceptions of what they contribute in the workplace?

Engaging your employees in volunteering their time, giving of their resources and investing a part of themselves goes a long way in helping them find meaning in their jobs, take pride in the company they work for, and improve morale and retention. Community service also affords opportunities for employees to acquire or hone skills they can integrate into their daily responsibilities and tasks.

Whether you decide on food, clothing, toy or monetary “drives,” group activities such as “adopting a family” or serving meals together, or individual projects such as mentoring or tutoring kids in need, you can rest assured your efforts will not outweigh the rewards.

“Giving back” to the communities we are a part of is just good business!

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