Are you aware it’s time to post your OSHA 300A Summary log?

Each employer maintaining the OSHA 300 log for workplace injuries and illnesses pursuant to OSHA’s recordkeeping standard must post their 2010 annual summary by February 1, 2011. The posting period is from February 1, 2011 to April 30th. Employers must utilize the annual summary form (form 300A) when complying with the posting requirements. The form is available for downloading from the OSHA website.

WorkSource, Inc. is committed to workplace safety and is certified by the WRC (Workers Risk Compensation). All temporary employees working at a client site on a staffing firm’s payroll must be included in the recordkeeping.

• A company executive must certify the 300A log
• The annual summary provision requires employers to include a calculation of the annual average number of employees covered by the Log and the total hours worked by all covered employees.
• The 300A log must be posted in a conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted.
• If an organization has had no recordable injuries or illnesses, the company must still post the 300A summary with zeros in the appropriate lines. The log must still be signed by a company executive.
• An employer must maintain records for 5 years plus the current year and provide them for inspection by OSHA investigators.

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