You have dozens of resumes floating in the ether, you have spoken to several employers, networking groups and recruiters, and while you have asked to be on a “no call” list, you still receive those dreaded telemarketing calls. So what do you do? You do what everyone else does and monitor incoming calls—so it’s no wonder you’ve missed a call from your recruiter when you didn’t recognize the number. It happens to all of us. But if you’ve realized it almost a week later, do you still call the recruiter back? Absolutely! WorkSource will explain why it is crucial to follow up with a recruiter.

Recruiters Understand

While you may be a shrinking violet right now; completely embarrassed that you missed the recruiter’s call, he/she still wants to hear back from you. Recruiters understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our control. For example, you are out of town or out of cell range, there has been a personal family issue and you are M.I.A. from returning calls for a while or your phone has been stolen or lost. Yes, these things happen. Recruiters also understand that you might be screening your calls and don’t answer when you don’t recognize the number. However, recruiters do want you to know that if you see a message from a missed call, listen to it immediately and follow up as soon as you are able. Let’s take this one step further. Let’s say that you have found a job while waiting for a recruiter to call you and that is why you missed the call, because it’s no longer as important. Recruiters still want to hear of your success, and it’s good practice to maintain a good working relationship with a recruiter in case the job doesn’t pan out or you’re ready for a change. Recruiting relationships are the same as working relationships, you don’t want to burn any bridges or seem unprofessional. You need to think about where your career will be long term, and your recruiter is the best working relationship to get you there.

The Job Hasn’t Been Filled

You may think—it’s been a week, there’s no point calling the recruiter back. However, the job they are calling you for may still be available. Never assume it’s too late. If you call the recruiter back, even a week later, you could end up with the job you really wanted or find out that while the recruiter was waiting for you to get back to them, another opportunity presented itself. Remember, recruiters are always working for you; their job is to help you find a job and to find a great fit for the employer. If you don’t return the call and never follow up, it’s fair to say that the recruiter will assume you no longer have interest in looking for a job. Recruiters are the bridge between you and an employer, so no matter when you missed the call, call them back.

Recruiter Relationships are Important

When you are looking for a job, it is the most tiring, stressful, headache riddled experience there is. A good recruiter takes some of this stress off your shoulders. Recruiters not only know the ins and outs of the industry, they have access to unpublished or not yet advertised jobs, so just when you think you’ve exhausted all avenues, the recruiter shows you opportunities you never knew existed. A good working relationship with a recruiter allows them to be your cheerleader. When you are professional, honest and show your willingness to work with them, the recruiter gleans insight into how you will be in a job. This helps them promote your skills and strengths to potential employers. The other benefit of having a great working relationship with a recruiter is that they can pass along insight about trends in your field or market. A savvy recruiter keeps their finger on the pulse of market cultures, shifts and changes, and employer must-have skill sets, all of which is great information for you to have.

When you have a great working relationship with a recruiter, you will not only get the best advocate helping you in your job search, you will learn and gain knowledge about the industry.

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