Most Human Resource (HR) professionals are already well aware of the benefits of using social media to find candidates in their industries. Many source LinkedIn on a regular basis to find and vet candidates. But there are some companies who still haven’t jumped on the LinkedIn band wagon. WorkSource breaks down the benefits of LinkedIn, and why using it will help you find your top talent.

It’s a treasure trove of candidates ripe for the picking.

There are over 180 million users on LinkedIn, and that number continues to grow—according to a recent HR research study. With that many users all over the globe, the probability of finding top talent to staff your company is rather high. LinkedIn offers companies, candidates, colleagues, entrepreneurs, and the like-minded to join a community where everyone can share their ideas and experiences. It allows people the opportunity to grow their network and learn from what others are doing in the field. What better way to scout a candidate than to see what their interests are, what they follow, what information they are disseminating, and what references are saying about them on LinkedIn.

Take the path most followed.

When looking on LinkedIn for top talent, you want to pay close attention to those that show up the most frequent in searches. Typically, this will happen when candidates have a rather large network as part of their LinkedIn presence. Many HR professionals will have a LinkedIn Recruiter account that enables them to see any profile, even if it’s outside of their own network. This type of account enables you to see a candidate’s ranking in searches. However, many companies can’t or don’t want to shell out the dollars for an upgraded account. If this is the case, you may only be able to see first, second and third degree connections as well as anyone who is in a group of the company’s. Sometimes it’s worth a little extra dough to get the information you need to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Look for group activity and resume updates.

Groups on LinkedIn have evolved exponentially. They are thorough, more engaging, well written and offer invaluable information—for both candidates and companies alike. To find top talent, pay attention to a candidates activities in groups. Candidates involved in groups are exposed to news, and new ideas, giving them a chance to demonstrate expertise through commenting and discussion. It’s a great way for you to get a good read on a candidate’s thoughts and opinions. But, this means that as an HR professional you too must be involved in groups, because the search works both ways. Just as you want to see how a candidate engages with the industry community, the candidate wants to hear from your company. How current are you with latest trends? What do you see as the future of leadership? How do you see a company culture evolving? All of these topics are platforms in group discussions that engage a much larger audience. It’s also where alliances are formed. If your candidate is engaging often on a LinkedIn group, chances are their online resume is current and up-to-date—leaving you with no other questions accept, “When can you come in to interview?”

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