What do all the “best companies to work for” have in common? They all have powerful employer branding. In today’s marketplace, how employees perceive you is more important than how customers perceive you. That’s because it takes top talent working for your organization to help create a great customer perception and drive the business forward. An employer’s branding strategy is extremely important. Here are a few ways to build your company brand and position your business as a respectable, desirable, and rewarding place to work.

Be Flexible Across the Board

The newer generation of employees are looking for increased flexibility with the time spent on the job. As the employer, you need to take a look at things like telecommuting options, perhaps once a week, to help employees with demanding deadlines or tedious schedules. A busy office setting can be distracting and periodic work-from-home days can be more productive than you realize. Many employees have stated in past surveys that they feel more energized, less distracted, and more creative in problem solving when they are working from home. Mind you, there is a balance. Not all of your employees need work-from-home days, and it should be balanced with more days in the office than not.

It’s All About the Perks

As the song goes—“You know it’s all about that base, bout’ that base……,” well in this case, it’s all about the perks. Yes, money is always a factor, but if your company gets creative with incentives, it stands out above competitors and you have positioned the company as a more desirable place to work. Offer perks such as, fitness memberships, summer Fridays, paid traveled trainings (giving employees control over picking the training), and bike rides during lunch breaks (where you provide the bikes). These are just a few perks that are important to employees these days.


Newer generations of workers are all about work/life balance. For many, that is a driving force in the company they choose to work for. Offering extra vacation days or paid holidays will set your company apart from the rest. Holidays are especially important to employees these days, so adding on Columbus Day, a full day for Christmas Eve, or Good Friday to your typical paid holidays will have top talent looking seriously at your business. You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t offer the above holidays—not realizing that an employee’s time with family is just as important as work life.

Cultural Fit

In employer branding, your cultural messaging may be one of the most important drivers in recruiting top talent. Make sure your recruiters understand your mission statement and cultural attitude in the workplace. Then make sure it comes across during the interview process. Employees want to see that there is a healthy attitude in the workplace, that team’s work together, that everyone is offered opportunities to move up within the company, and that turn-over is low. Finding the right balance in your messaging will help you obtain the top talent you are looking for.

An outdated employer brand will be noticed by top candidates during the interview process. Review your brand today and start offering competitive employee packages that will help your company reel in the best and the brightest.

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