Do I need to review I-9’s after they have been completed?

There’s been a lot of noise lately regarding immigration legislation.  Perhaps this has prompted your company to review I-9’s to ensure they’re completed properly and self-audited at least annually.

Form I-9 may well likely be more important than many business owners or HR professionals realize.  Improper, incomplete or missing I-9’s can rack up large fines assessed by the federal government.

“Businesses need to understand that the integrity of their employment records is just as important as the integrity of their tax records or banking files,” says Chicago-based ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) spokeswoman Gail Montennegro.

So be on your toes where I-9’s are concerned.  Make sure your company is accurately completing its portion of the form and the employee is completing his/her section.

According to ICE, I-9 audits “are one of the most powerful tools the federal government has to enforce employment and immigration laws.”  Last summer an ICE news release announced an accelerated audit program to hold employers accountable for their hiring practices and ensure a legal work force.

A few years ago, ICE issued a Notice of Inspection of hiring records to 652 businesses nationwide.  Maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot in the big scheme of things, yet 652 records is more than ICE issued for the entire previous fiscal year.

The 652 businesses weren’t chosen randomly, either.  The selection process typically begins with “investigative leads or intelligence we might gather,” according to Montenegro.

Be aware that tips may come from former employees.  For example, “An anonymous phone call that a specific landscaping company or restaurant has undocumented workers (will catch ICE’s attention).”

ICE has two priorities when considering potential undocumented workers:  “egregious employers that are mistreating their work force” and “a critical infrastructure nexus” (i.e. an airport)


  1.  CARLOS
  2.  EVAN
  3.  CARLOS
  5.  ARTURO
  7.  ANDREW
  8.  KARL
  10.  WALTER
  11.  JIMMIE
  12.  DARRELL
  13.  SERGIO
  14.  GUY
  15.  SIDNEY
  16.  CECIL
  17.  LUKE
  18.  CARLTON
  19.  ENRIQUE
  20.  KIRK
  21.  ALVIN
  22.  SERGIO
  23.  KIRK
  24.  CURTIS
  25.  GABRIEL
  26.  DONALD
  27.  PHILIP
  28.  GLENN
  29.  DAN
  30.  DARRYL
  31.  COREY
  32.  JAMIE
  33.  MAX
  34.  KENNETH
  35.  REX
  36.  DANIEL
  37.  RONNIE
  38.  MAURICE
  39.  JESSIE
  40.  RANDY
  41.  VICTOR
  42.  TROY
  43.  DOUGLAS
  45.  BRIAN
  46.  DONNIE
  47.  LUTHER
  48.  ANDRE
  49.  ANDY
  50.  JEFF
  51.  JULIO
  52.  TYRONE
  53.  WARREN
  54.  LUIS
  55.  ADRIAN
  56.  BRIAN
  57.  JARED
  58.  DANIEL
  59.  EDDIE
  60.  MANUEL
  61.  JIMMY
  62.  JOSE
  63.  WILLIE
  64.  LOUIS
  65.  JULIO
  66.  CORY
  67.  BRENT
  68.  MELVIN
  69.  SHAUN
  70.  LLOYD
  71.  RALPH
  72.  DARRYL
  73.  JARED
  74.  ANDREW
  75.  JERRY
  76.  ANTONIO
  77.  WARREN
  78.  IVAN
  79.  TROY
  80.  RAMON
  81.  MELVIN
  83.  JOSE
  84.  KARL
  85.  ROBERTO
  86.  THOMAS
  87.  OLIVER
  88.  ANTONIO
  89.  CLIFTON
  90.  ANDY
  91.  SCOTT
  92.  BRETT
  93.  JIMMY

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