The manufacturing industry is changing dramatically across the globe- but
while technology has evolved over the last decade, changing the landscape of the industry, relying on a top notch labor force hasn’t changed. In today’s global marketplace, human resource professionals need to stay innovative and forward thinking in how they sell their company to potential candidates. The pool of candidates is staggeringly thin for an industry with such massive expansion rates. This makes it more important than ever to sell them on why working for your plant is the best decision they’ll make.

WorkSource has a few tips to help you sell your manufacturing plant during candidate interviews.

Appeal to Their Tech Side.

The amazing thing about manufacturing is its ability to constantly create, innovate and challenge the global economy. From high end automotive plants to the solar industry, manufacturing plants are creative and high tech (if necessary). Before the interview even takes place, you have probably already narrowed down your pool of candidates to interview. You have an idea of how each may offer their skill sets to the job and you should have an idea of their certifications and training level. Those coming into the interview usually want to know what it is about your plant that separates it from the rest. Whether fabricators, welders, CNC operators, administrative, or floor managers; most have a passion for the industry. They want to see that your plant is keeping up with the latest equipment and the latest technology (that will make their jobs a bit easier). If you have a plant worth showing off, then do so during the interview- that is the best time for show and tell. If you are interviewing for fabricators and have the latest in plasma cutting, MIG welding or milling equipment then this should be mentioned. Have a 3D printer, show that off too. Candidates want to see that the job they are hired to do is supported with the best equipment possible to make their jobs easier. It also indicates to them that your company supports its employees by staying on top of new equipment trends in the industry.

Cultural Shift.

Candidates in this business don’t want to feel like a number when they are out on the floor. Relationship building is essential for any successful manufacturing plant. Manufacturing is a tough business and burn out can be higher than in any other industry. It’s important for candidates to see that you pay just as much attention to who the employees are, as you would with what they do and how they do it. So while you’re touting the latest equipment, make sure to point out that you know everyone’s names and the hard work they do. Introduce them to a few people on the floor. If the employee is working equipment, take that time to explain to the candidate what this particular employee does. You will be amazed at how far that goes with a candidate.

Show off the Importance of Retention.

This production-driven environment can quickly leave employees drained and stressed out. It’s important to sell your candidates on how you identify with this feeling and what your company or plant does to combat it. Do you offer mentoring programs, off site team building activities, top notch cafeteria or game rooms? If not, it is worth looking into. More manufacturing plants these days are building more than just a plant to get the job done. They are building a unique atmosphere for their employees. From inviting break rooms and themed work days to catering food events for plant workers, show off your ability to listen to the needs of your employees. When scheduling interviews, look at what you have going on in the plant. If you have a themed work day coming up or a catering event, try to schedule the interview on that day so that your candidate can experience all that you offer to your employees.

WorkSource Staffing understands how valuable your time is. Finding the best fit for your organization is important. The right recruitment firm can help you find the candidates you need. Contact our team at WorkSource Staffing today and learn how we can help you!

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