An employee arrested? Lets face it, when you employ human beings, strange things can happen. Today we look at the difficult situation of having an employee arrested.

Here’s the scenario:  Bill has been an employee with your company for over three years. Yesterday, he failed to show up for work and failed to call in. After trying to contact him, you were shocked to learn that Bill had been arrested. What should you do? Take a deep breath, and avoid acting on impulse.

1. Find out what happened, and examine any mitigating factors.

2. Where possible, avoid talking to third parties, such as the media, non-management employees, etc.

2. If your company doesn’t have a rock solid policy covering such issues, obtain legal advice.

3. Understand contractual obligations if the employee is covered by an employment agreement or a union contract.

4. Gauge the offense and potential impact on your company, as well as your workforce.

5. Ensure the employee is treated fairly.

Obviously, a variety of situational factors can impact the ultimate response. As with all things business, be fair and consistent, hold people accountable for their actions, uphold company values, and lead with humility and grace.

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