Unemployment claims are expensive. Very expensive, and a fact of doing business. To make things worse, the benefit term on unemployment claims is subject to change. It was was stretched out in recent years. This only increased costs. As a result, it’s vital for managers to keep in mind that that the results of unemployment hearings have a serious impact on the bottom line.

Obviously, organizations with integrity do not wish to prevent solid employees from collecting rightfully earned benefits. But, with employees who voluntarily quit or engage in misconduct that leads to termination, being proficient in handling hearings pays.

There are so many questions and general rules regarding unemployment compensation, if you’re in Iowa, it’s probably best to simply access this link to learn more about your specific situation.

Iowa Unemployment

Missouri Unemployment

The more you know about the unemployment adjudication process, the fewer headaches you’ll have and the more revenue you’ll save your company. Take a few minutes to inform yourself. You won’t regret it when the judge’s call comes in and you’re in the midst of a difficult unemployment hearing or an appeal and you’re “spot on” with every question asked.

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