Want to connect with more digital consumers? With 50.8 percent of consumers using the web to shop, whether it’s searching for new businesses or shopping e-commerce sites, that’s a very wise move. So, how do you even begin to boost your small business’ online presence? Well, you need to have the right tools to build your web-based projects and help launch your small business into a new era of success. With this in mind, here are a few that can get you started.


Creating Accessible Online Content for All Customers

Is your current online presence accessible for customers with disabilities? If not, you should know that you’re not alone. All too often, online shoppers who live with disabilities, such as visual and hearing impairments, feel completely forgotten by e-commerce sites and small businesses. With over 60 million Americans living with disabilities, if your website lacks inclusive features, like easy-to-read typeface, captions, and transcripts, you could be missing out on a massive swath of revenue, and also missing out an opportunity to serve an under-served group of consumers. You likely won’t have time to create transcripts of your company’s audio and video content, and hiring a pro can be too expensive, but you can use a transcription service to develop accessible, accurate content for all customers without spending a fortune.


Adding CSS Elements to an Existing Business Website

If your website doesn’t include CSS, or cascading style sheets, it may not be as accessible to you or staff members involved with making changes to color, font, and the overall style of your website. So, if you want to boost your online projects and enhance customer traffic, you need to hire CSS developers who have a thorough understanding of basic web elements, front-end CSS structures, CSS processors, and graphic design. The rates for this kind of expertise can range from $25 to $125 per hour. You should also be able to describe the needs of your web-based project, so do some research if you’re still not quite sure how CSS can benefit your website.


Maximizing Benefits of a Social Media Marketing Plan

These days, it’s important for small businesses to include social media marketing in their overall web-based business plans. Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to connect with customers across the globe. As an added bonus, these powerful marketing avenues are typically free or low-cost for small businesses, but you may want to utilize online tools to streamline your social media presence. Depending on the current size and growth of your small business, hiring a social media manager may be a more optimal choice for creating a social media marketing strategy. This person should be an excellent writer with an understanding of all applicable social media platforms, but he/she should also fully understand your brand. Not sure what that brand is? Then you should definitely read the next section.


Ensuring All Content Aligns with Branding Standards

Whether you’re a new business or a seasoned entrepreneur, fully comprehending the value of branding in marketing is crucial for drawing in additional customers. Think of your company’s brand as you would your own identity: it’s what helps create customer connections that can help your small business sustain long-term success. Branding can also ensure that marketing strategies reach targeted consumer segments, which can help keep marketing costs low. When it comes to online projects, helping customers connect to your business also means helping them connect to you. So, dedicate some of your time to creating a personal brand that aligns with your business goals and makes it easier for people to identify with you and your small business. Video marketing can also be useful for this purpose.

A solid web presence has the ability to take your small business to the next stage of success. So take the time to gather the tools and help that will make your web-based projects really pop and help attract more online traffic and, of course, more profits to your small business.

Credit: Julie Morris – Life and Career Coach

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