How can a hiring checklist help my company?

Sometimes it’s easy, especially when busy, to shorten your process as you’re bringing on new employees.  This is a very risky practice, however.  Give every manager clear procedures to follow for each new open position.  Checklists can be a valuable tool for managers or HR Professionals to keep track of all that needs to be done consistently.  A South Carolina hospital found out the hard way they should have utilized consistent hiring practices when one of their employees applied for a promotion.

For nearly two years Joyce Dennis worked jobs that progressively added more responsibility.  She finally interviewed for a promotion to ER registration supervisor.  The hiring manager suggested she wouldn’t get the position, however, due to rumors that she was having an affair with a doctor.  Dennis denied the affair and complained to the CFO.

In response, the CFO took over the hiring for the position.  He reviewed Dennis’ application but failed to interview her.  He ended up hiring a friend’s husband.

Dennis quit and filed suit, alleging discriminatory failure to promote, as well as defamation.  A jury sided with Dennis and awarded her $161,000 in damages.  A federal appeals court upheld the ruling, describing the hiring process as “peculiarly informal.”  Dennis didn’t possess all the skills/requirements in the written job description, yet the man who got the job was even less qualified.  (Dennis Medical Center v. Columbia Colleton Inc., No 01-1338, rth Cir.)


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  2.  JESSIE
  3.  SEAN
  4.  PHILIP
  5.  REX
  6.  DENNIS
  7.  HERMAN
  8.  WESLEY
  9.  IVAN
  10.  GLEN
  11.  ANTONIO
  12.  WILLARD
  13.  JULIAN
  14.  EDDIE
  15.  BERNARD
  16.  CLAUDE
  17.  WARREN
  18.  ALFRED
  19.  CARLTON
  20.  TED

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