Reference checking is critical, so don’t cut corners and skip the reference checks! It is a critical step in the selection/hiring process. By completing reference checks you help protect your business from being charged with negligent hiring practices. Yes, it takes time, but time spent up front on due diligence, is time and money saved on the back end.

Great reasons to check references:

1. Reduce legal liability for negligent hiring
2. Verify that credentials such as education, position or skills are accurately represented by the job candidate
3. Assess past performance and predict future performance
4. Reduce or prevent theft and embezzlement, along with other criminal activity
5. Ensure a safe work environment for employees
6. Comply with applicable state law requiring background checks for particular positions such as day care teachers or licensed medical practitioners
7. Assess the overall trustworthiness of the job candidate
8. Determine if salary history is accurately represented by the job candidate

We could wax on for hours about the topic, but in the end, the reasons are clear, and like Nike says…. “Just Do It”

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