Your workforce is made up of teams; an essential component for any business to thrive and achieve success. A team is a group of individuals that come together to achieve common goals, to collaborate, and work together. To have such unity and cohesion among your teams, you must first build them—“If you build it, they will come.” How true that is! If you build an rock solid workforce, business will come. WorkSource has some tips to build your rock solid team.

Start from the inside out

Even if you are looking to add some fresh faces to your workforce, you need to build up what already exists. Start with the teams you currently have, and set very clear expectations for each individual team. Then set expectations for the business as a whole. Each team may have different goals that contribute to a larger picture, so expectations will vary for each team, but the overarching mission needs to be concise throughout. Clearly communicate what is expected from each individual person. Team members really need to know why they are a member of the team in the first place, and what the organization needs for them to achieve.

Sew together sets of skills

Individuals each have their own set of skills and talents that contribute to a business’s goals. When you hire someone, it’s because you recognize a skill or talent in them that is either lacking or simply strengthens what’s already there. Your workforce needs to be competent and their skills and expertise should complement one another. It’s important as an employer to recognize what skills are best suited for each team, then give the team the resources and support they need to succeed. Weave together sets of skills for each team, and without even realizing it, you’ll have developed your all-start workforce.

Know the players of your rock-star teams

As a business, chances are your company is made up of very diverse and unique individuals. No two people are exactly alike. When you think about the generations that have come and gone, each has brought something new to a team. But, that also means each generation is used to doing things a certain way. So, who are your players? There are five groups, identified in America, on your all-star teams. Traditionalists, born between the 1920’s-40’s. This group represents roughly 4-9% of the workforce population. Hard working and loyal to a fault, they are conscious of money and slow to buy or purchase new things. Baby Boomers, born between the 40’s-60’s. This group represents roughly 32%-37% of working population. While independent, they live by the “live to work” motto. Not big on change, these players like to stay connected to their past and their achievements. Generation X, born between the 60’s-70’s. Generation X represents 22% of the working population. These individuals are highly educated and embrace diversity. They focus on long-term goals and value leadership. However, this generation values a work-life balance and identifies family life as very important. Millennials, born between the 80’s-late 90’s. This group currently makes up 36% of today’s workforce, and are considered very socially connected and social media driven. They embrace diversity and equality among colleagues and management. Philanthropy and volunteer work drive this group, as they are always willing to give back. This group lives in a digital age. And lastly, Generation Z, born between early 2000’s-2010. This group only makes up one percent of today’s workforce, but will be an agent for change in the future. These are the up and comers in the business world. This group is growing fast and will be the most tech savvy, impact driven group to enter the workforce.

Now that you know your players, it’s time to build your rock solid team, and create a workforce that will thrive.

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