As OSHA continues to increase awareness of workplace injury and lead the way in regulation changes, it has taken the necessary steps to inform and empower people by way of social media. OSHA Quicktakes is an informative newsletter that subscribers can receive monthly. Here’s what the newsletter has to offer.

News and Events at Your Fingertips

OSHA breaks down current issues in its monthly newsletters that are pertinent to both employer and employee. Quicktakes group’s stories by subject area to make it easier to find the information that most interests you. It offers easier to read headlines with great content in an easy to read format. Images, infographics and videos engage readers while offering valuable tips to employers. The newsletter also offers great hyperlinks and certificate of participation pages, and gets involved with national prevention programs for events across the U.S. For example, OSHA participated in “May National Safety Stand-Down” month which saw millions across the nation participating in education efforts on workplace safety, and included demonstrations on safely descending from construction equipment on-site.

There’s an App for That

Only through the OSHA newsletter will you become informed about OSHA apps and call-to-action buttons that can give you up-to-the-minute details about current legislation and urgent news. For example, as part of the Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, OSHA has created a Heat Safety Tool app that can be downloaded right to your cell phone.

Accessing the Newsletter

QuickTakes is a free newsletter, emailed twice monthly to nearly 80,000 subscribers. You can receive it faster and easier by subscribing to the RSS feed that delivers almost instantly to your phone or email. All you have to do is go to The OSHA Website, select an affiliate and then fill out your email address. It’s that simple!

For accessibility assistance via phone contact OSHA’s Office of Communications at 202-693-1999 for assistance

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