A very common question asked during the interview process is, “How do you think you can make an immediate impact upon hire?” This question serves several purposes, but the primary reason for it is for a company to determine if a candidate can hit the ground running. It’s important for you to understand how you will utilize your skills once hired at a company. Knowing how you can provide them immediate value will strengthen how you answer this question and increase your chances of being hired. Here are some things to consider.

Show your enthusiasm right out of the gate.

hether a change of company, or a recent graduate, your enthusiasm to learn a company’s procedures and policies as soon as you’re hired is a great quality to have. Get familiar with a company’s mission statement, core values, and team procedures so that you have a good sense of how they function. The more research you do into the company before hand, the better prepared you are for the interview and the more likely you are to get hired. It shows the company your willingness to learn.

Be willing to master the four building blocks.

Going into a new job, there are four building blocks you should be prepared to master right away: core business orientation, aligning your expectations with that of the company, navigating inner politics and adapting culturally. The last two are usually the most difficult to grasp. While cultural adaptation is self explanatory, inner political workings is not. It deals directly with the correct lines of communication and appropriate chain of command. Knowing this will give you a major leg up when starting in a new company. To help achieve mastery of the four building blocks, most candidates should expect there to be some type of on-boarding. On-boarding allows new hires to get familiar with the inner workings of a company, allows for a few weeks up to a year of training and observation, and the ability to access mentors. During the interview, it is wise to ask what type of on-boarding process there is at the company. This will give you a good indication of where you can provide value immediately and what to expect your first days on the job. It also gives you a chance to do some homework- allowing you to become familiar with the four building blocks before you start. Then you can hit the ground running and impress your boss.

Start work immediately.

Your first day on the job, ask your team what they are working on. Communicate with your boss- asking what projects need help and where? Offer your services on a project or work along side of a couple of teammates, offering your experience wherever possible. Doing this the very first day shows initiative and an immediate willingness to learn. It is also wise to ask your boss what they expect of you the first few weeks. The sooner you dig into your work load, the easier it becomes for you to adapt to a new work atmosphere and show immediate value to your boss.

WorkSource knows the importance of making a good first impression.

Providing immediate value in your new company can do just that. The right recruitment firm can help you prepare for your first day. Contact our team at WorkSource today and find out how we can help you!

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