Just when is a hand written Thank You note appropriate? In the digital age, the idea of sending a hand-written thank-you note may sound old school, but it’s a simple formality that can impress employers and leave an indelible mark. WorkSource Staffing explains when sending a thank you note is appropriate and what to include.

Don’t write a thank you note before you’ve even had the interview

You’d be surprised at how many candidates write a stack of thank-you notes before they’ve even had an interview. There are two reasons to NOT do this. First, what you say in a pre-written note will be generic and in-genuine. Writing a thank-you note after an interview allows you to add personal details to the note that were said during the interview. Or maybe you toured the facility; you can add your thoughts of their company and your tour to the note. Second, if you go into an interview and hand the manager a thank-you note before you leave, it tells them you don’t have the time to be bothered with sincerity and true gratefulness of the time they gave you and their interest in you. It’s tacky and inappropriate to hand your interviewer a thank-you note the day of the interview. Write it afterward and put it in the mail. You’ll draw more of an impression by doing so.

Time frame of sending a thank-you note

Sending a thank you note is all about timing. If you meet with an interviewer and they say they will have a decision and be contact within two weeks, and it is now the third week—chances are they have chosen another candidate. The third week would be a great time to send a rejection thank-you note. This gives the interviewer a glimpse into your personality and maturity. It also shows how much you value and respect the company. If, however, no such timeline has been given, it is always best to write and mail out the thank-you note within 24 hours of the interview. This keeps you fresh in their minds while they are still interviewing other candidates.

The platform for your thank-you note

The content of a thank-you note can vary, but the most important key elements of the note should include your take-away from the interview, circling back to items you didn’t get to mention, fixing any mistakes, and slipping in your business card. Some research has shown that writing a thank-you note in the form of a proposal of what you’ll do when you start working increases the likelihood of a callback. What better way to do that than to explain to the hiring manager exactly how you will do your job and do it well? This preference isn’t for everyone though. Thank-you notes are a platform for you to re-state why you’re the best candidate for the job, what impressed you during the interview, and to be able to circle back on items that you feel are important to stress.

While sending a thank-you note may seem old fashion and easy to do, you’d be surprised at how many individuals either don’t do it or make mistakes in writing one. If you’re going to send a thank-you note, you need to do it right. It is much more than just a polite way to thank the interviewer — it’s a chance to show that you are the best candidate for the job and show that you’re invested in the position and company as a whole.

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