There are hundreds of staffing companies that specialize in finding employees for the manufacturing industry. But because safety and risk management are so important in this field, the American Staffing Association and Risk Control Services established Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC), the industry standard of operational excellence in these areas.

To earn the elite WRC designation, a firm must successfully complete Risk Control Services’ comprehensive Best Practice Verification Process. This includes a review of how they prescreen, qualify and interview applicants, and examines how employees are evaluated, matched to jobs and trained before they are sent to a worksite.


More specific benefits to working with a WRC-certified staffing partner include:

  • Familiarity with Your Facility
    WRC certification requires that staffing firms conduct a thorough site inspection before assigning workers to a customer facility. Understanding a customer’s work environment, machinery, training needs and production goals is critical to providing the best possible workforce.


  • Better Talent Matches
    It’s important for a staffing firm to have a hands-on understanding of your operations in order to provide workers who meet your standards. Being WRC-certified requires that the applicant-intake process considers extensive criteria. This includes the physical abilities to fulfill the essential functions of the job as well as skill sets that are consistent with your operations.


  • Reduced Turnover
    WRC-certified staffing services use comprehensive screening and filtering processes to employ higher-quality workers. Therefore, they demonstrate significantly lower turnover rates than general industry averages.


  • Reduced Downtime, Increased Productivity
    Accidents in the workplace can bring your business to a temporary halt, which costs money. WRC-certified firms take all the necessary steps to ensure their workers are properly trained and qualified to work at a customer’s facility.


  • Preserving Customer Safety Records|
    OSHA recordkeeping regulations dictate that all reportable incidents taking place at a customer site are documented on the OSHA 300 Log belonging to that facility. WRC-certified firms take a role in protecting their clients and partner with them to promote safety awareness, ensure proper training, and provide a safe working environment for all employees.


How do we know all of this? Certified for over five years, we are the only staffing firm in the state of Iowa to be WRC-certified. If you want to partner with a staffing firm that cares about both the safety and efficiency of your company, contact WorkSource today!

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