What Sets Us Apart?

We’re a staffing agency that performs, and performs reliably. With offices serving Central Iowa, Southeast Iowa, and Kansas City, and we’re prepared to meet your needs. As a staffing agency, we take a unique approach to serving clients. Especially relevant is that we conduct business with an unyielding, laser-like focus on integrity. No games here. Providing measurable results to our clients means being willing and able to meet the challenges and demands unique to each business. And… we do it with a sense of urgency and an unyielding commitment to quality. That clearly sets us apart from the typical staffing agency.

At WorkSource, we are about much more than filling open jobs. We’re about:

Access to the Right People

WorkSource is a staffing agency that employs a rigorous screening process, and far reaching recruiting strategies. That allows us to find the people you need. On any given day, we have an active database of literally thousands of workers that have been skill mapped and assessed. Furthermore, our advanced systems allow us to quickly contact those workers, and move them towards your empty position. Our staffing firm reps conduct background checks, job fit profiles, attitude/personality assessments, background screening, drug testing, and if desired, can even coordinate custom tailored pre-employment physicals. Most other staffing agencies simply can’t compete.

Trial to hire, Direct Hire, or Temporary, we have a solution that fits.

Great Service

WorkSource provides a level of flexibility and fiscal return that standard hiring methods simply can’t match. We’re a staffing agency that’s been in business since 2005, so we’re well versed in the trade. We’ve got the kind of experience that only “time in the trenches” can provide. Additionally, we’ve continually invested in advanced recruiting, screening, and tracking software systems. Those systems are backed up by employing solid, experienced people. Most importantly, we round it all out by consistently reinforcing to employees the fact that in our business, without question, customer satisfaction is job #1.

Dedication. Guaranteed.

In the end, WorkSource isn’t just willing to do the job, but we’re a staffing agency that does what it takes to get the job done right. We’ve built a strong reputation over the years by exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining high levels of integrity. Notably, our clients come to know they’re working with a team of pros they can trust, and count on.


Serving:  Des Moines – Kansas City – Fort Madison

RPO, Recruiting, Direct Hire, Trial to Hire, Temporary, Assessment Testing, Drug Testing, Background Screening, Payrolling


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