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Much has been said about these current times and conditions around the issue of talent. And I admit, that in my 40 years as a business owner, this current climate is somewhat unique. However, the more I talk to other business leaders and look at my own experience, it may be that the solution is as ancient as the Golden Rule.

So let’s start with this: Is your company a place people look forward to coming to each day? Is there laughter? Have you assembled a team that not only likes what they are doing but who LOVES doing it together? Do you allow, encourage, and promote open and honest, respectful communication?

When all is said and done, we do things for and because of relationships. And like it or not, working together IS a relationship! We have a recent hire who came from a company where co-workers were prohibited from even going to lunch together! Seriously??? Does that sound like a place you would look forward to working at?

Don’t get me wrong. Pay is important, and in these times needs to be addressed fairly. Flexibility too. But still, when all is said and done, you spend a LOT of your time at work, and if that experience sucks, then to some degree, so does your life.
So…how are you treating your employees? Do you know them? The names and ages of their kids? More simply put, do you care? Creating a culture conducive to great relationships is key. Our staff meeting begin each week with the opportunity for each person to share from their personal life.

They key is not to act like you care. It is to care. If you start there, you’ll likely figure out the rest, #opportunity #team #experience #business #talent #people #culture

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