Are you a proactive employer, looking for support for all the hard work you do to keep your workers safe? OSHA recognizes the need to support health and safety efforts put forth by companies and is offering the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program.

Why is it named Susan Harwood?

If you aren’t familiar with The Department of Labor and OSHA’s management, you may not know that Susan Harwood was a former director of the Office of Risk Assessment. Having passed away in 1996, she contributed heavily to the health and welfare of workers. She helped develop the OSHA standards we see today regarding the protection of workers exposed to blood-borne pathogens, cotton dust, benzene, formaldehyde, asbestos and lead in construction.

How much is awarded?

The annual amount of funds available for the grant program is determined by Congress during each fiscal year. Since 2001 the amount of funding available for awards has been approximately $10 million dollars and is awarded by OSHA through annual competitions for the grant.

When can I apply?

Opening application dates are usually announced by spring or summer each year and close by September 30th of that year. Topics for the grant are targeted and vary annually, selected by OSHA based on considerations such as fatality statistics, new regulations or guidance documents, and identified regional needs.

How are grant recipients determined?

Grant applications are reviewed by technical panels comprised of OSHA staff. The selection process includes reviews of program and technical elements, budget items, and organization qualifications. Specific evaluation criteria are outlined in the solicitation. The Assistant Secretary of Labor makes the final selection and OSHA may award grants for some or all of the listed topic areas.

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