Social media continues to take an increasingly mainstream role in the hiring and retention of top talent. Not surprisingly, it’s a key aspect of strategy used by best-in-class employers as they enhance their brands and employee value propositions.

In fact, the leveraging of social media platforms is fundamentally changing the way we work. As the next generation steps in to become our business leaders, expect traditional marketing plans to fall by the wayside as social media becomes a total game changer.

Branding: The Candidate Experience Starts Here
Optimize the use of your website, social media profiles, newsletters and other streams to share relevant content and organizational messaging. It’s all about building your employer brand: the opinion and attitudes outsiders hold about your company. Based on available information, candidates and customers form a lasting impression of your organization – and they tell others and they tell others and they tell others …

Worth a Thousand Words
In addition to maximizing leverage through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, include additional social media platforms in your branding strategy.

  • Tap into industry trends. Then ask followers and friends what they think. Start conversations, encourage participation and incite compelling dialogue to tell your story and draw people in.
  • Share your corporate values and culture. Include testimonials from employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • Be consistent. If you ensure that all your social media profiles are consistently branded, you succeed in getting your message and brand in front of leading candidates and interested followers and influencers.

Create a Pinterest Board
Pinterest is a visual social media outlet for people to collect and organize images of things they like – including companies and career opportunities. Images posted on Pinterest provide a “behind-the-scenes” look at your culture and work environment.

  • A simple picture brings context to the question that lurks in the minds of prospective talent: “What’s it really like to work there?” For instance, the marketing company Moz has MozDogs, featuring photos of dogs owned by its employees, and MozPlex, an inside look at its offices. If I’m going to spend 40-plus hours a week somewhere, I want to know how it will “feel.”

Expand Your Story with Instagram
More than just a photo and video app, Instagram is a versatile platform, which candidates can use to find information on your company and assess whether or not it would be a good match for them. The more you incite applicants to pre-vet themselves, the more efficiency you’ll achieve in hiring and sourcing.

  • Instagram is a mobile app. Employees can access it and expand on your story by offering their perspectives. If you have a robust brand and true team engagement and buy-in, it can be immensely powerful.

Each time a current or prospective employee connects with your company via social media, a connection is built. If they like what they see, your organization becomes more attractive and your reputation scores a win.

To learn more about building your employment brand, read our related posts or contact the team at WorkSource today.

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