Will the REAL Core Values please stand up?

“Oh no!” The new person you hired is just not working out.

Ever hire a person with great experience, a wonderful resume, and a proven track record, only to find they are a terrible fit for your company?

Did you find yourself wondering how this happened?

We did. More than once.

Was the problem that we didn’t know what kind of person they truly were? No, the problem was deeper. We didn’t know who WE were.

We had established no Core Values, so our hiring was a crap shoot.

Do you as a company know who you are? Do you have Core Values? No, not just a poster on the wall with fine sounding statements. That’s not what I mean. I mean have you decided who you are as an organization?

For Core Values to be legit means they are:

  • Discussed frequently and known by all
  • A critical factor in decision-making
  • Are used to decide who to hire
  • A consistent area of evaluation when discussing job performance
  • Coached up when there is a deficiency to provide opportunity to change
  • Can be cause for release when there is refusal to change
  • Are rewarded and affirmed when displayed Are non-negotiable

Once we discovered and agreed upon our Core Values, everything began to change. More on this in upcoming posts.


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